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Thursday, August 1, 2013

5 Reasons Red Sox Trade Not All About Peavy

Jake Peavy
When news struck late Tuesday night that the Red Sox had reeled in Jake Peavy from Chicago, the question from Boston fans on social media was immediately: "BUT WHAT DID THEY GIVE UP??" It was clear that while Peavy would be a great addition to any rotation, there was more to this trade than just his services:

5. White Sox Rebuilding

At 25 games under .500, Chicago GM Rick Hahn knew his Pale Sox needed to hit the reset button. As many in Chicago conceded, this was a trade that had to be made. The White Sox picked up three low level prospects and rising 22 year old outfielder Avisail Garcia.

4. Workman to Bullpen

Brandon Workman went from first major league start/win to bullpen duty in under 24 hours. Many Red Sox observers felt like bullpen help was their most important need at trade deadline. In this deal, they killed 2 birds with one stone (despite what straw-men-arguers Felger & Massarotti might tell you).

3. Tigers Losing Peralta to PED Suspension

Jhonny Peralta
When Tigers caught wind of Jhonny Peralta's PED guilt and likely suspension, it became clear that acquiring an everyday shortstop would be a necessity if the team wanted to continue its World Series aspirations. Giving up a key prospect like Garcia means the Tigers were definitely "all-in."

2. Cherington Sells High on Iglesias

There was never a question of whether Jose Iglesias had a major league glove; it was always about whether he had the ability to hit big league pitching. With the continued emergence of uber prospect Xander Bogearts, the slick-fielding/weak-hitting Cuban became a luxury. His trade value would probably never be higher.

1. Buchholz Cannot Be Depended Upon

Clay Buchholz
Clay Buchholz can say whatever he wants now, but, make no mistake, this trade was made because the Red Sox were worried about Clay physically AND mentally. Buchholz went from being arguably the best pitcher in baseball to shutting himself down in the heat of a pennant race.

Jake Peavy is many things (including injury prone), but a quitter he is not.

Do you agree that this trade was as much about not trusting Clay Buchholz as it was about adding a quality arm like Jake Peavy?

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