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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Reasons Belichick Won't Cut Tebow...Yet

Tim Tebow and Josh McDaniels
5. Redeeming Josh McDaniels 
In 2010, then Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels moved up into the 1st Round of the NFL draft (25th Overall) to select quarterback Tim Tebow. The pick was almost universally panned by analysts, and McDaniels was fired the following season. This could be his chance to prove the naysayers wrong.

4. Supporting Urban Meyer
The mutual admiration society between Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer goes all the way back to 2005, when Meyer took the Florida head coaching job. He has come under fire recently for some of the off-the-field problems of his former players (Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper et al). Belichick could do him a solid by keeping and utilizing Tebow as a weapon on the Patriots squad.

3. Sticking it to the NY Jets
The NY Jets will pay Tebow more in 2013 than the Patriots would (hypothetically) pay him over the next 2 years. Considering Belichick's hatred for the Jets and propensity for garbage time touchdowns, this could be another way to rub it in on Gang Green. Tebow scoring a TD (or 2) against rival Rex Ryan would be the ultimate victory cigar.

2. Forgetting Aaron Hernandez
Owner Bob Kraft would like nothing better than to further distance his Patriots brand from the former tight end. Just this week, Aaron Hernandez is being implicated in another (double) homicide. Tebow is the perfect addition because he's both a model citizen AND an even bigger media distraction than Hernandez.

1. Belichick Being Belichick
Nothing satisfies a contrarian more than doing things that fly in the face of popular opinion. By almost all measures, Tebow does not deserve a spot on an NFL roster as a quarterback. The smart money says outside-the-box Bill Belichick isn't quite ready to give up on the Tebow least not yet.

What do you think the chances are of Tebow making the Patriots? 

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