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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 Dynamic Ways for Patriots to Use Shane Vereen

New England Patriots
Vereen and Brady

7. Back-up Running Back

Stevan Ridley is clearly #1 on the depth chart. However if The Riddler needs a blow, Vereen is likely to be the first guy off the bench. Or if you "CAN'T WAIT," you could always use him to embarrass Bart Scott and the Jets.

6. Kickoff/Punt Returner

Since Leon Washington was released, there is a need for someone to step up in the return game. While it is unlikely that Vereen will be used in this capacity, he had some experience returning kicks at Cal.

5. No Huddle Back

When the Patriots opt to run their speed offense, Vereen would be a likely candidate to be on the field. He could be a single back or motion to wide receiver. Just ask the Texans about dealing with him!

4. Wide Receiver

The secret is out of the bag: Shane Vereen is a precise route runner with soft hands. If he gets matched up against a linebacker (like he did against the Eagles), then he can take it to the end zone.

3. Third Down Back

With the loss of Danny Woodhead in the offseason, the role of third down back is suddenly up for grabs. Vereen's unique blend of skills (rushing, receiving, blocking) make him the ideal candidate to fill Woodhead's shoes.

2. Decoy

In an offense with skill position stars like Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Stevan Ridley, it's only natural to think that the versatile Vereen could be used as a decoy. Using his speed and quickness, he could help distract and split defenses to open up the field for the other offensive threats.

1. The Joker

When you put it all together, the best description for Shane Vereen's role is that of the "joker." Versatile and speedy, the "joker" moves around like a chess piece on the board. Some "jokers" are motion tight ends (like Aaron Hernandez, pun intended). Others are multi-purpose speeds backs who can rush and receive almost equally well. 

Can Vereen join names like Percy Harvin, Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush among the elite speed backs? This is the year we should find out.


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