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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Patriots' Kenbrell Thompkins: 5 Fixable Rookie Mistakes

Kenbrell Thompkins
It's Week 2 in the NFL, which means it's time for everyone to overreact to one game.

Rookie Kenbrell Thompkins had an inauspicious start for the Patriots in Week 1. He was targeted 13 times for 4 receptions and 42 yards. He missed two great opportunities at touchdowns. 

Thompkins also failed to make two difficult sideline catches and slipped on a wide open crossing route in the middle of the field.

The good news? Most of his issues are correctable; they're mistakes Thompkins can fix watching game film and practicing. Here are his 5 biggest learning opportunities from the Buffalo game:
  1. Toe Tap on Sideline Catches
  2. Turn Body on Back-Shoulder Throw
  3. Use Proper Spacing in Back of End Zone
  4. Make Route Adjustments Quicker 
  5. Block Correctly on Screen/Sweep
Don't jump off the bandwagon yet. Once the kid gets it all together, he will be a dangerous weapon in the Patriots' offense.

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