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Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Reasons Patriots MUST Acquire Tony Gonzalez or Hakeem Nicks

Tony Gonzalez bids farewell to the Georgia Dome crowd.
The Giants (0-5) and Falcons (1-4) are falling fast and will soon be out of contention. Both teams have skilled receivers who could help New England's offense get back on track. Here is why the Patriots need to pull the trigger on a trade (if either becomes available):

5. Uncertainty With Injuries

Danny Amendola returned last week, and Rob Gronkowski is slated to be back this Sunday. Can the Patriots survive if either of these top 2 targets goes down? 

Both Nicks and Gonzalez are durable and tough; they will do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. I would take my chances down the stretch with either of these guys over rookies and injury-prone veterans.

Hakeem Nicks pulls in another end zone TD.

4. Ineptitude In Red Zone

The New England Patriots are second only to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Red Zone efficiency. Nicks has the strength and ability to abuse corners one-on-one in the Red Zone. 

Gonzalez has made a career out of "posting up" defenders in the end zone for touchdowns. Wouldn't  these two big targets be an improvement over slot guys and tackle eligible gimmick plays?

3. Price Is Right

Nicks is in a walk year and looks like a bad long term fit for the Giants. He's playing for a new deal and is greatly motivated. 

Gonzalez repeatedly has said this will be his final season. He's never been to a Super Bowl and wants one last shot at one. Gonzalez says he is not open to a trade, you have to think that his mind could change quickly.

Either guy could be on their way to Foxboro for presumably a mid-round draft pick. Oh yeah, and Bill Belichick has some history with Thomas Dimitroff.

2. Can't Waste Another Brady Year

The Patriots finally have a defense that can hold teams under 20 points, but suddenly their offense is struggling. How many more seasons does Tom Brady have left as a top flight quarterback? Can the frugal Krafts afford to waste another year with inferior targets?

Tony Gonzalez from the old AFC West days.

1. Denver Can Be Beaten

If we learned anything in Week 5, it's that Broncos can be scored upon. However, it will be nearly impossible to shut down their attack. 

If the Patriots want one last shot at the AFC, they need to be able to match Peyton Manning score for score. And wouldn't it be fantastic to beat the Donks with their old division nemesis?

Do you think the Patriots have what it takes to pull off one of these trades?

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